Wednesday , 20 February 2019
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Little People need more attention?

Sarah Nawaggi, a Little Person, speaks to Kayunga District officials during a recent visit to her office. She is the Headteacher Bwetyaba Roman Catholic Primary School.
Sarah looks through her records

Access to employment opportunities for Persons with disabilities in Ugandan communities can be a real nightmare. However, CBR as a strategy for inclusive development is steadily causing a mind shift in communities. Sarah Nawaggi, A Little Person of Uganda is one of the beneficiaries of this mind shift and she is all smiles, thanks to CBR trainings Kayunga district local government officials received that earned Nawaggi a job as a Headmistress Bwetyaba Roman Catholic Primary School-Kayunga. While Sarah may have been lucky because she has required skills set, there are many people like her who are desperately in need of both skills and employment opportunities. What role are you playing to address this situation?

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