Articles from the Egypt Writers’ Workshop

Articles from the Egypt Writers’ Workshop

Articles from the Egypt Writers’ Workshop

The education an effective way for preventing child Labor

The child labor in one of the most critical issues now in Egypt because the number of the working children increase every time specially in the randomized areas , also the side effects of that Issues reflects negatively on those children they lost their childhood lost their education and go to unforeseen future………….. Click Here to download

Is Inclusive Education feasible in Egypt?
By Eglal ChenoudaIn November 2007, the Egyptian Minister of Education launched the National Strategy for Education Reform, with a chapter about the official plan for including 10% of children with disabilities in regular schools by the year 2012 (approximately 150,000 children).  This is in line with the Education for All agreement that. …………. Click Here to download
Let me change your idea about people with special needs
By Hanah MagdiPeople with disability are a part of our community. They are marginalized in the community due the negative attitude. We can change this attitude towards the people with disability by showing that these people are equal to any able person if they are directed correctly through the Community Based Rehabilitation (C.B.R)………… Click Here to download
Using media to promote children’s rights

The issue of children rights has been attracting a global attention recently. This encouraged many organizations to work on promoting children rights in different countries. Unfortunately, the mechanisms used to promote these rights are not quite effective and participatory, which urges us to use new ones. …………. Click Here to download

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