Monday , 18 March 2019

WELCOME TO CBR   Africa Network (CAN)

CBR   Africa Network (CAN) is an independent Non-Governmental Organisation that facilitates information sharing on disability, CBR and inclusive development within Africa and across the World. It is an African regional affiliate of the CBR Global Network.

CAN’s Niche is information sharing hence the belief that information sharing can facilitate learning and improvement in service delivery for PWDs; and it is a key tool for inclusive development. This is important in the bid to realise equalization of opportunities, social integration and rehabilitation of PWDs in Africa.

CAN was established in 2001 following resolutions made at the 1st CBR Africa Regional Conference: ‘CBR as a participatory strategy in Africa’. CAN aims to facilitate the sharing of information about community-based services for PWDs and their families in African countries.


  • CBR Africa Network (CAN) in the Media

    As a means of promoting CBR as a development strategy, CAN engages media to raise debate. CAN’s Executive Director recently had an opportunity to discuss CBR in Uganda. You can join the debate here

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