Conference overview Background: CBR Africa Network (CAN) is an organization that works to promote information sharing on CBR/disability activities in Africa. Serving as the African regional affiliate of the CBR Global Network, CAN is ideally aimed at providing lessons that inform improvement in service delivery to enhance the lives of persons with disabilities. To effect information sharing, CAN organises CBR Africa conferences. Five CBR conferences have been successfully organized in different African countries (2001 – Uganda, 2004 – Malawi, 2007-South Africa, 2010 – Nigeria and 2015 – Kenya) by CBR Africa Network (CAN) in collaboration with governments of the host countries, WHO, CBM, NAD, Handicap International and other local and international stakeholders.
The 6thCBR Africa conference held under the theme “CBR for resilience building and sustainable development: Leave no one behind” provides an opportunity for participants to share information on the various challenges experienced and existing capacities to enhance resilience for the attainment of the sustainable development goals.
The conference is co-organised by CAN and the government of Zambia in collaboration with the disability/CBR stakeholders in Zambia including Disabled people’s organizations (DPOs), national and international NGOs and Development partners, UN agencies, media institutions, disability service providers, Civil Society Organisations, embassies and the business community among other stakeholders.
This conference is timely and will inform the current debate on the paradigm shift from the concept of CBR (Community-Based Rehabilitation) to CBID (Community-Based Inclusive Development). Governments are encouraged to ensure effective representation to engage in this important dialogue on contemporary issues relating to disability inclusion and sustainable development to inform an effective transition.
This 6thCBR Africa conference will provide an opportunity for Persons with disabilities, governments, service providers, academia, community development agencies, development partners and all other stakeholders to experience shared learning to enhance the lives of persons with disabilities.

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About AfriCAN

CAN organises CBR conferences in Africa to facilitate the development of strong local and international partnership between stakeholders as a platform for information networking. These conferences bring people together from various nations to share experiences and, in the process, create a basis for further talks, meetings and productive interaction for mutual benefit.

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CBR Africa Conference May 2018, Intercontinental Hotel, Lusaka Zambia. Registration is in progress, Early bird ended last month; Registration is now USD350.

Intercontinental Hotel, Lusaka Zambia. Below is the breakdown of rates for the CBR conference:

Room Type    Rate
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    Below is a list of other available hotels you can also get reservations from
    • Radisson Blu Hotel Lusaka Radisson Blu.
    • Taj Pamodzi Hotel Taj Pamodzi.
    • Lilayi Lodge Lilayi Lodge.
    • Southern Sun Ridgeway Southern Sun.
    • Protea Hotel by Marriott Lusaka Tower Protea Hotel.
    • Twangale Park Twangale Park.
    • Fallsway Villas Fallsway Villas.
    • Best Western Plus Lusaka Grand Hotel Lusaka Grand Hotel.
    • Sogecoa (Zambia) Golden Peacock Hotel Golden Peacock Hotel.
    • Hilton Garden Inn Lusaka, Zambia Hilton Garden Inn.
    • Latitude 15 Latitude 15.
    • Palmwood Lodge Palmwood Lodge.
    • Macha-Leni on 10 Boutique Hotel TMacha-Leni.
    • Shakespeare Court Shakespeare Court.
    • Mika Hotel, Kabulonga Mika Hotel.
    • Roma-Place Roma-Place.
    • Cresta Golfview Cresta Golfview.
    • Protea Hotel by Marriott Lusaka Cairo Road Protea Hotel.


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    Light for the world

    These are highlights from the CBR 2018 Conference

    Guest Speakers

    About Zambia

    Zambia is located in Southern Africa, east of Angola, south of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a landlocked country of rugged terrain and diverse wildlife, with many parks and safari areas. Zambia has 8 neighbours, and is fondly referred to as the warm heart of Africa, home to some of the finest Safari experiences on the planet, including face to face encounters with Nature at its most wild. Zambia is acknowledged as one of the safest countries in the world to visit, Zambians are welcoming people living in peace and harmony. Whilst Zambia is now one of Africa’s most urbanised countries, much of the country remains wild, underdeveloped and unspoilt, with a great percentage of land allocated by the government to conservation projects, national parks and game management areas. Many of these parks are home to incredible numbers of Africa’s most-feted wild mammals and extraordinary birdlife. One of the most water rich countries in Africa, Zambia has 5 vast lakes, 3 major rivers, 17 waterfalls and various wetland areas. Zambia is one of the fastest growing economies on the African continent and tourism is crucial to the country’s on-going development. The capital is Lusaka. The country has an estimated population of 16.21 million (2015) World Bank. The Currency is the Zambian kwacha. .

    The Climate The general height of the land gives Zambia a more pleasant climate than that experienced in most tropical countries. There are three seasons – cool and dry from May to August, hot and dry from September to November, and warm and wet from December to April. Only in the Valleys of the Zambezi and Luangwa is there excessive heat, particularly in October and, in the wet season, a high humidity. In the warm wet season, frequent heavy showers and thunderstorms occur, followed by spells of bright sunshine

    Transport System Lusaka has modern means of transport that is city is home to Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, formerly known as Lusaka International Airport, Bus services to towns surrounding Lusaka, such as Siavonga and Chirundu and public transport in terms taxis and mini buses. More information can be got here Link

    Population Lusaka City covers an area of 360 km2 with an estimated population of over 3,100,000 people.

    Below is a list of tourism sites you can visit during your leisure time.

    No Name of site Location
    1 Chaminuka Chisamba
    2 Lusaka National Park Lusaka
    3 Lilayi Elephant Nursery Lilayi
    4 Munda-Wanga Chilanga
    5 Presidential Burial Site Lusaka
    6 Kalimba Reptile Park Chisamba
    7 Lusaka National Museum Lusaka
    8 Kabwata Cultural Village Lusaka

    Below are some of the proposed tourism sites and their charges
    For a detailed review, click this link Tourism Sites.

    No Name of site Prices
    1 Lusaka National Museum US$5 per person/Foreigners K10 per person/Locals
    2 Chilenje House and Presidential Burial Site US$15 per person/Foreigners K8 per person/Locals (per site)
    3 Chaminuka Normal rate K535 ($57) per person for groups below 15
    Discounted rate K480 (50) per person for groups 15 and above These two rates include a buffet lunch and all activities, see description in the tour itinerary.
    Single items: Lunch only K300 ($31) per person Any single activity K300
    4 Art galleries Free entrance

    The 6th CBR Africa Conference, Lusaka, Zambia, 2018-Presentations

    The 6th CBR Africa Conference was one of the well attended conferences with over 500 delegates across African Continent and beyond. During the conference several interesting papers were presented forming part of a very informative dialogue on matters relating to CBR work in Africa and how the CBR work can effectively transform the lives of vulnerable communities Here is the list of some the presentations.
    The Blue Box: A tool for Early Childhood development by Uta Prehl, Technical Advisor Rehabilitation West Africa Region , Humanite and Inclusion.
    Challenges employees with disabilities in selected government departments in Zambia face and their implications to sustainable development by Wilmur Simatimbe, Emmy, H. Mbozi, Anolt, L.H Moongaand, Lynette Hambulo
    Disabled people’s Organisations and Community Based Inclusive Development by Humanite and Inclusion
    Link between Community-Based Rehabilitation and Healthy Communities in Malawi by Dr Margaret Wazakili
    The role of DPOs in the domestication of SDGs: Case of Malaw by Simon Munde
    Processus d’inclusion des personnes handicapees au burkina faso: experience d’implementation de la rbc et formation des acteurs -léonard savadogo
    Developing SElf-hElp groups for caregivers of children with disabilities in rural Kenya (SEEK) by Joseph Gona, Sally Hartley, Charles Newton & Karen Bunning
    CBR for Full participation of people affected by Leprosy in community activities by Raphael Mulamba
    The Local Traditional Model of Disability: Is the Social Model of Disability for Inclusive Development Adequate in the African Context? By Institute for Research and Development on Inclusion and Society
    Use of The ICF in measuring performance of basic activities of daily living in People living with HIV/AIDS in two selected home-based care programmes in Lusaka, Zambia by Chongo B., Mwango M., Mweshi MM., Banda-Chalwe M. (2016)
    Est-ce qu’un projet de recherche importé peut favoriser le développement local inclusif? Étude de cas d’un partenariat international Nord-Sud – Shaun Cleaver, PT, PhD V
    We shall not leave anyone behind: Zambia’s perceptions of Persons with Disability and their voting prefernces by Dr Jack Chola Bwalya and Harrison Mwale.
    The Role of Multiple Stakeholder Engagement in Sustaining Inclusive Education: Experience from the Northwest Region of Cameroon by Awa Jacques Chirac, Tsangue Glory, Bridget L F, Kenchi Joseph.
    The University of Gondar, Queen’s University CBR Training and Inclusion Initiatives in Ethiopia by Mekonnen, S., Fasika, S., Kinfe, F., Aldersey, H.M., Nega, A., & Joseph, A.J.
    Challenges Faced by Learners with Physical Disabilities in Accessing Inclusive Education in Zambia: A Case Study of Gracious Libubi of Monze District-Southern Province by Mubukwanu Felistus Mooka; and Ngambela Willie.
    Using communities of practice to strengthen rehabilitation and disability inclusive development practices: Learning from the GRID network in Cameroon by Lynn Cockburn, Jacques Chirac Awa, Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services, Mbibeh Louis, Kenchi Joseph, University of Toronto, Canada
    The Role of CBID Empowerment Component in DIDRR by Simon Munde, MPHL in Disability Studies.
    Promoting training and employment opportunities for people with Intellectual Disabilities in Zambia, A Sani Foundation Initiative.
    Voices of Persons with Disabilities in Disaster Risk Reduction in Southern Africa by Action Amos

    Below are download links for newsletters from the conference

    Day one edition.
    Day two edition.
    Day three edition.
    Day four edition.