This concept note provides guidance to the EC and Secretariat of CBR Africa Network (CAN), conference planning committee, the Zambian government, potential funders and all other stakeholders for effective planning, resource mobilization and implementation of various activities for a successful conference. As a guiding tool, this concept note will also serve as the basis for other purposes, including public information-sharing and the development of the programme for the 6th CBR Africa Conference.

Five CBR conferences have been successfully organized in different African countries (2001 – Uganda, 2004 – Malawi, 2007-South Africa, 2010 – Nigeria and 2015 – Kenya)by CBR Africa Network (CAN) in collaboration with governments of the host countries, WHO, CBM, NAD, Handicap International and other local and international stakeholders.

The Sustainable Development goals are vastly inclusive. The 6thCBR Africa conference under the theme “CBR for resilience building and sustainable development: Leave no one behind” will provide an opportunity for participants to share information on the various challenges experienced and existing capacities to enhance resilience for the attainment of the sustainable development goals.

The conference will be co-organised by the government of Zambia and CAN in collaboration with the disability/CBR stakeholders in Zambia including Disabled people’s organizations (DPOs), national and international  NGOs and Development partners, UN agencies, media institutions, disability service providers, Civil Society Organisations, embassies and the business community among other stakeholders.

This conference is timely and will inform the current debate on the paradigm shift from the concept of CBR (Community-Based Rehabilitation) to CBID (Community-Based Inclusive Development). Governments are encouraged to ensure effective representation to engage in this important dialogue on contemporary issues relating to disability inclusion and sustainable development to inform an effective transition.

Download the Concept Note for the 6th CBR Africa Conference


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