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CBR Guidelines: A Bridge to Inclusive Society Beyond the 2015 Development Framework

  Do you know how relevant WHO CBR guidelines are towards improved quality of  life of PWDs? CAN is happy to release yet another edition of her publication from which you will find interesting  discussions relating to unresolved issues with regard to CBR implementation in Africa:  The latest CAN Book …

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Linking CBR Disability and Rehabilitation

This book is the fourth in a series of conferences organized by the CBR Africa Network (CAN), that focus on issues related to Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) in the African context. The contents of this book have been developed from conference presentations and discussions that took place in Abuja, Nigeria, …

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Inclusive Policy Development & Implementation

This publication was developed from conference presentations and discussions that took place in South Africa in 2007. This book seeks to address such questions as : What are the relevant international guidelines and policies? How can they be implemented? How do they  (or even, ‘do they?’) relate to CBR? How …

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CBR as part of community development

This book was developed from presentations and discussions that took place in Malawi at a conference “CBR as part of Community Development”. The choice of “CBR as part of Community Development” originates from the observation that the WHO/ILO/UNESCO (1994) definition of CBR states that “CBR is part of Community Development”. …

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CBR; A Participatory Strategy in Africa

This publication is based on ideas shared at a conference held in Uganda, in September 2001. It  aims to reflect the power of participation and provide information on various experiences of a participatory approach, problems encountered and people who have worked with these problems to produce positive outcomes. Download Here

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CBR Stories from Africa. What can they teach us

Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) is an evolving concept. Its effectiveness depends on continuous reflection, debate and learning. This book aims to facilitate this process through the stories of five CBR programmes in Africa, told by those involved with the programmes and reflected on with honesty………….. Download Here

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