Monday , 18 June 2018
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Success Stories

Kazi Ni Kazi: Likoni Ministry

This video provides an insight on work done by APDK our partner in Kenya.        

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How sponsorship can make a difference in deaf child’s life

From sponsored child to inspirational champion for children with disabilities. 29-year-old SIMON  EROKU talks about his own sponsorship journey, and the springboard Global Care gave him to offering hope and a future to some of the most vulnerable children in Uganda. After Simon finished high school, he carried on volunteering …

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The joy of supporting needy communities

By Sharon Handongwe Working to change the lives of poor communities can really be rewarding with feelings of joy and fulfillment! However, this comes with a lot of endurance and hard work as well. For Dr. Bernie, a visiting consultant psychiatrist, this is certainly true in every aspect of it. …

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Networks promote CBR: lessons from Monze, Zambia

By Sharon Handongwe Working as a Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) practitioner can be very rewarding in building teams and networks. Usually, the teams interact and work closely with grassroots communities. Many a time you are able to witness change in lives while at the same time experiencing pain over the loss …

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Dreaming big: Zambian Person with Disability aspires to become president

This may sound to you like a day dream.  For a young man with physical disability to crave for presidency ─ the highest office in the land, ─ is probably unthinkable in a country where discrimination against Persons with Disabilities still reigns. Yet for a 24-year-old Ian Banda, his dream …

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Restoring Hope: the benefit of effective CBR initiatives in Zambia

Bruce Mubuyayeta Nasilele, 37, is a resident of Dambwa North in Livingstone, Zambia. He is a member of Zambia Psychosocial Disability Association and Zambia Association for Hydrocephalus and Spinal Bifida. Nasilele lives with psychosocial disability.  He suffered from cerebral malaria and spine problems during childhood  and since then, he has …

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