Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)   Africa Network (CAN) is an independent Non-Governmental Organisation that facilitates information sharing on disability, CBR and inclusive development within Africa and across the World. CAN works through sharing information via publications and the electronic media including use of the website and social media. CAN believes information sharing can facilitate learning and improvement in service delivery for persons with disabilities; and it is a key tool for inclusive development.

CAN’s Niche is information sharing. This is made possible through a number of activities but most importantly through organising conferences. Five CBR conferences have so far been successfully organised in different African countries (2001 – Uganda, 2004 – Malawi, 2007 – South Africa, 2010 – Nigeria and 2015 – Kenya) by CBR Africa Network (CAN) in collaboration with governments of the host countries, WHO, CBM, NAD, Handicap International and other local and international stakeholders. The 6th CBR Africa Conference is scheduled to take place in Zambia. Several CBR stakeholders and development partners are expected to take part.



It is anticipated that the conference will generate a variety of analytical papers and presentations in relation to the sub themes (see sub themes below). All papers presented at the conference will be summarised in a conference report and posted on the UR website; and later a book will be published. Additionally, the conference is expected to stimulate public debate and discourse on the implementation of CBR and a possible transition to CBID. Delegates will discuss success, challenges and opportunities present in implementing CBR in Africa.

Expected impact 

The conference is expected to give a greater publicity to the current CBR issues under discussion in relations to WHO guidelines, CRPD and SDGS. It will mobilise efforts towards ensuring equalisation of development opportunities for persons with disabilities.

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