About CAN

Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Africa Network, CAN is an independent non governmental organization that facilitates information sharing of CBR experiences and initiatives across Africa. CAN collects and distributes information on CBR and identifies best practices to enhance inclusive development.


Children With Disabilities (CWDs) at the 5th CBR Africa Conference





In 2001, the first CBR Africa Conference was held at the Uganda National Institute for Special Education. Four areas of action were identified at the time that is:

  • Initiate the formation of national CBR Associations.
  • Improve the capacity for sharing information about good CBR practices.
  • Review CBR training programmes to promote their synchronization.
  • Organize regular CBR conferences in Africa.

In order to achieve these areas of action, a CBR information network was necessary and key players were identified to form a Steering Committee. At its first meeting in June 2002 in Kampala, Uganda, the Committee adopted the name “CBR Africa Network” (CAN).

What is CBR?

CBR is a strategy for rehabilitation, equalization of opportunities, poverty reduction and social inclusion of people with disabilities. It is implemented through the combined efforts of people with disabilities, their families, communities, and relevant governmental and non-governmental organizations. Involvement and participation of people with disabilities and their families is at the heart of CBR.

There has been extensive discussion to change CBR to Community Based Inclusion (CBI). It was recommended that this would be discussed at the Global CBR Conference and if agreed to, there would be a gradual change with sensitivity to the grassroots.


Our vision is the equalization of opportunities, social integration and rehabilitation of people with disabilities.


CAN exists to promote access to appropriate information on disability and development for all people in Africa.
Strategic Objectives

  • Develop a strong CBR information management and sharing capacity
  • Establish a strong lobby for promoting effective CBR
  • Strengthen CAN’s organizational capacity.


CAN Website and Social Media

CAN maintains a website which offers a library of CBR publications, articles and papers from individuals and organisations in Africa. It also provides links to international disability information resources and gives information about CAN activities. Through the Social Media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) CAN engages in discussions, informs and educates members on varied CBR topics.

CBR Conferences 

We organise the conferences in Africa to facilitate development of strong local and international partnerships between all CBR stakeholders as a platform for information sharing and networking.


Stakeholders addressing issues at the 5th CBR Africa Conference


Can donor Chris Brewer addresses participants at the 4th cbr conference in Nigeria







CBR Writing Skills Workshops

Our workshops target practitioners with CBR experience and promote training of trainers. They seek to facilitate the taking of oral history from community members and encourage documentation of CBR experiences and best practices in Africa.


A participant receives a certificate at the writing skills workshop, South Africa


Participants at the Mpumalanga writing skills workshop, South Africa







National CBR Network

CAN promotes the formation of CBR associations through identification
and linking of existing CBR practitioners. It is envisaged that these associations will form the backbone for future linkages between all the CBR stakeholders across Africa.

Global CBR Network

CAN is part of the Global CBR Network and shares information and linkages on CBR.

A hinges workshop for persons with disablities in south africa livelihood

A hinges workshop for Persons with Disablities in South Africa (Livelihood)

Children With Disabilities (CWD) interact through formal education (Social)

Children With Disabilities (CWD) interact through formal education (Education)









A CBR Trainer rehabilitating a Cerebral Palsy child on a parellel bar (Education)

A CBR Trainer rehabilitating a Cerebral Palsy child on a parellel bar (Health)

Capentry works made by the physically impaired in Kabale (Empowerment)

Capentry works made by the physically impaired in Kabale (Empowerment)

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